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The IT Job Network is the home of online IT Jobs advertising. We are a small group of niche, targeted and quality (over quantity) IT job boards that provide candidates, employers and agents a place to network and connect.

We offer a range of Job Posting, Brand Advertising and Candidate Attraction packages for Employers, and a multi-site platform for Candidates that provides relevant Jobs, Industry News, Community Engagement and Career Advice.

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Having spent over 20 years working in IT Consulting, Software Sales and Recruitment, Paul now leads the direction of The IT Job Network. Working for companies such as IBM, Glue and Responsiv he has experience in the fields of Enterprise Architecture, Integration, SOA, Hybrid Cloud, BPM and Security.

He also runs one of the largest IT Architecture community groups on LinkedIn, as well as being skilled in Web Design, SEO & Digital Marketing. Paul is a member of the Cranfield University student alumni.